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The Great Platform Reconciliation Project

Both Twitter and Facebook have taken moves to bring transparency to their platforms. Moving forward, it’s going to be easier to both figure out who bought ads and where precisely those advertisements are appearing.

Facebook: Update on Our Advertising Transparency and Authenticity Efforts

  1. Customers will be able to click a view-all ads button and get a nice highlight of where the paid content is hanging around on the page.
  2. Facebook is requiring more documentation for political ads, will add a “paid for by” label to those ads, and is building new AI that will track down people cheating the system.

Twitter: New Transparency For Ads on Twitter

  1. A new ad transparency center will give users a list of all ads running on the platform.
  2. Political campaigns will have a new label.
  3. Stiffer penalties for marketers who cheat the system and attempt to hide the fact that they’re pushing political ads through the platform. Though, the sanctions haven’t been disclosed yet.

Moves from both companies are a massive step in the right direction. The problem, though, is that advertising online has more than a political ad problem. It’d be nice to see the same kind of movement by the entire industry (not just Facebook and Twitter) on topics like data collection, fraud, and other unethical advertising practices. I know we have to walk before we run, and at least the industry recognizes that it’s time we get up on our own two feet.

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Written By Joshua Schnell

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