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Silicon Valley Continues To Set Its Gaze On Media Companies.

The Atlantic is about to get a shot of adrenaline, but can it undergo the same kind of transformation the Washington Post has under Jeff Bezos? That’s the question everyone’s asking now that Laurene Powell Jobs' Emerson Collective has acquired a majority ownership in the company.

This isn't the first time that the company has invested in media. Other notable investments made by the firm include podcast startup Gimlet Media as well as the Marshall Project, ProPublica, and Axios.

Are we safe to assume that Silicon Valley is finally setting its gaze on media companies?

The industry is evolving at a rapid pace, increasingly driven by tech savvy consumers looking for streamlined ways to integrate content with their (often hectic) lives. But, media is still struggling to compete with the likes of Facebook and Google when it comes to advertising, revenue optimization, and audience scale. Advertising revenues may be up year-over-year, but there's still a lot of ambiguity about how that increased spend is translating to growth for media companies.

A little boost of innovation from the left coast can only mean good things for news organizations making the jump from print to fully digital. If we can learn anything from the Washington Post, it's that Emerson Collective has a real opportunity to influence the future of The Atlantic.

If Facebook can evolve into a full-fledged media company, why can't media companies evolve into standalone social platforms?

It's only a matter of time.

By Joshua Schnell

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