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Apple Falls Far From the Tree

Rumor has it Apple may let publishers sell advertising directly in Apple News. This contradicts the overarching philosophy of the social web—building walled gardens has propelled Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snap Inc. to the top of the food chain.

Apple's rumored approach includes micropayments, which allow readers to pay for access to individual articles. News organizations have had varying levels of success with this model in the past. But Apple News publishers that provide unique content instead of generic news may be sitting on a revenue stream made of gold.

I'm more than willing to pay to access a long-form, investigative article. The quality is worth the small price to me, but time will tell if it's worth it to the masses.

More notably, Apple's approach looks like another move to strengthen its consumer-friendly, privacy-first policies. It's already blocking autoplay videos. It blocks ad trackers. Publisher-first advertising in Apple News would fit in nicely.

Hopefully the rumored approach sticks. Brands often forget the power of trust in marketing and consumer loyalty. Nowadays, there aren't many companies that I trust to take online privacy seriously, but Apple's one of them.

By Joshua Schnell

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