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"Advertising Has Its Axiom."

I had a nice little editorial put together for this week, but then Joe Parrish went and knocked it out of the park, eloquently stating what I've been struggling to write all day. So, I'm just going to leave a quote here, and recommend you read the whole article.

Joe Parrish (of The Variable), writing for The Drum:

I’ve seen so many decks from so many big agencies where they promise clients that their proprietary wizbangery will allow them to stick an idea in front of more people for less money. And I’m so not impressed. Show me the last brand that was built through banners. The bottom line is that quality should never take a back seat to quantity. And I feel like, so many times, that is what data forces us to do. If your KPI is eyeballs (interested or not), data can help. But if your KPI is goose bumps, data isn’t gonna get you there.

If you can only read one thing this week, I recommend reading this article, titled, Data can't write your ad -- yet.

Written by Joshua Schnell.

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