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Exit Rubicon Side Stage?

What was once considered an ad tech powerhouse in the industry has quickly devolved into a hot mess. All indications point towards Rubicon pulling a Rocket Fuel. Considering the recent news that the company will be sunsetting its ShinyAds platform and the way it yanked the rug out from underneath their clients who relied on the platform, and considering the company's statements regarding its complete whiff on header-bidding, it probably shouldn't really be much of a surprise now that the company is exploring "strategic options" and looking into its sale options.

The great ad tech shake-up continues. 2017 is going to get bloody. Ads are here to stay, but increasingly publishers are waking up to the realities that they need to own control of their advertising technology stack. Heck, even agencies are challenging the status quo and buying up publishers for themselves. Premium content providers hold all the monetization cards and the moment they realize it things will change for this industry in a hurry.

The industry is starting to wake up, and here are a few links to illustrate the point:

  1. Agency Veterans Are Predicting A Programmatic Downward Spiral
  2. Fraud Could Account For Up To 30% Of All Ad Spending Online
  3. Ad Tech Is Playing Fast And Loose With The Truth

Strap yourselves in, 2017 should be... interesting. My advice to publishers and advertisers? Start working together. No one likes an intermediary, and the only thing they're currently doing is taking a massive cut of your hard earned revenue.

Written by Joshua Schnell.

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