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The Pendulum Swings

Things have gotten mighty dark in the corners of Ad Tech. You don’t have to toss a stone very far to hit an editorial eschewing the demise of the industry. We can’t blame people either. Everyone seems to be fighting in the streets, or on Twitter at least.

The thing that always seems to go unnoticed is that a handful of technologies have been largely responsible for the malware and data mess we find ourselves today. Those technologies are largely on the outs with consumers. The pendulum has finally started swinging away from their corners and towards more responsible alternatives on the market. The market has started to make a correction. People are trying to hold the industry — typically bereft of responsibility — accountable.

Several of the articles listed below share that common theme this week, and it’s an important one to ponder. The discontent isn’t a bad thing. Smart people are asking important questions, and together we’ll determine what the next ten years of advertising looks like for everyone.

As we get back to our advertising roots (so long private data pilfering), the future of the industry couldn’t be brighter.

Todd Garland, CEO, and Founder at BuySellAds

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